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Independent for longer - Showcasing Real Examples of Technology Enabled Care Services in Action
Showcasing Real Examples of
Technology Enabled Care
Services in Action
Welcome to my home
to my home
Lauren (Age 20)

About me:

At the age of 11, I was knocked down by a car, spent 6 months in hospital and was left with an acquired brain injury, broken hip, broken right leg and fractured left arm.

Recovery is still ongoing but in the years since the accident I've had to re-learn how to breathe, eat, walk and talk. I'm still a bit wobbly and struggle to use the right hand side of my body but telecare has enabled me to be more independent in my own surroundings with the knowledge that someone is always there should I need help.

Not only has the service supported my recovery but it also provides a huge amount of re-assurance and peace of mind to my family who can also go about their day to day activities without having to worry about me being home alone.

My Health Condition:

  • Acquired brain injury
  • Short term memory loss
  • Hemiplegia


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Reach Alarm Unit

1) Reach Alarm Unit

The alarm unit plugs into the telephone line and automatically dials the response service if I need help. It has a built in microphone and speaker and receives radio signals from my other sensors.

Smoke Detector

2) Smoke Detector

The smoke detector is linked to my alarm unit by a radio signal and will play a message to remind me to leave the house in the event of a fire.

Wrist Worn Fall Detector

3) Wrist Worn Fall Detector

My wrist worn fall detector can automatically detect if I fall and immediately tells the alarm unit to call for help. It also has a built in call button that I can press at any time should I need help.