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Independent for longer - Showcasing Real Examples of Technology Enabled Care Services in Action
Showcasing Real Examples of
Technology Enabled Care
Services in Action
Welcome to my home
to my home
Noreen Jones (Age 90)

About me:

I am a healthy and active 90 year old, I love living independently in my own home and want to stay here. I still like to go about my daily business; swimming a few times a week, going shopping and doing a bit of gardening when I have the time.

I had a nasty fall a little while ago and ended up in hospital. So when I came home my son, Dr Hilary Jones, insisted that we installed a reach unit and gave me a fall detector to wear on my wrist to ensure that if anything like this happened again I would be able to raise the alarm and get help quickly. Having the fall detector and reach unit has given me and my family that extra bit of reassurance and peace of mind, as my boys are busy people and I love my independence.

My Health Condition:

  • Risk of falls


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Reach Alarm Unit

1) Reach Alarm Unit

The alarm unit plugs into the telephone line and automatically dials the response service if I need help. It has a built in microphone and speaker and receives radio signals from my other sensors.

Wrist Worn Fall Detector

2) Wrist Worn Fall Detector

My wrist worn fall detector can automatically detect if I fall and immediately tells the alarm unit to call for help. It also has a built in call button that I can press at any time should I need help.